Wednesday, April 11, 2007

end of the holiday

looks like i didn't get around to posting all that i wanted for the passover holiday. the days flew by and there was, unfortunately, little time for writing and uploading pictures. i will surely get around to it — though i'll probably save some of the [holiday] stuff for next year. i mean, who, really, eats passover food the rest of the year?? :o

after "packing up the show" for another year,

today is isru chag and mimouna, and lots of food was abound [at several of my friends' places] to end passover. for those whose celebrate/d,

תרבחו ותסעדו


ByTheBay said...

I hope you had a wonderful Pesach. This year I discovered there is no way that I can blog during Pesach, it's just too much work to cook and eat without the pressure to document it. It was a wonderful blogging vacation, actually. I loved cooking without thinking of whether the food was photogenic or "oh no, I forgot to write down how many teaspoons of salt are in this!"

burekaboy — said...

btb - thank you for the post pesach wishes .... it really was just impossible to do all the cooking and document (i.e. write/upload pix, etc.) during 'the week of'. i do have lots to add but that will take some time to do. i know what you mean about not having to worry about thinking about it. it is quite the relief, so to speak. hoping you had a marv holiday.