Friday, February 23, 2007

a friday video or two

weekend's here. enjoy some fun videos.

wanna make some?

for a butterscotch version, check here and more traditional ones, here. spice up your weekend and make some. most of all, have fun biting off their heads!

while on the same subject, i also really like the way this very short youtube video was made:

and if all that made you hungry, try watching the following crazy video. bet you'll just wanna run and make what you see in this one!! it's actually a pretty good parody on an american favourite! oh, jolene you're not just eyebrow bleach anymore. ;P

enjoy watching!


TopChamp said...

The cookie blues made me laugh out loud. Cookie story started off very sweet.... but then it all went wrong! Jolene's a beauty x

p.s. got your tag & will have a think. I was looking for a diversion from work stress anyway so it'll give me something fun to do.

Princess Jibi said...

Very funny videos...

burekaboy — said...

TC - thanks but only if u feel so inclined to write up something.

isn't jolene darling? hehe, it's actually scary because it's not too far a stretch from reality in some parts of the states. the cookie blues was pretty funny. poor little gingerbread man.

PJ - glad you liked them :)

avital said...

The gingerbread video is soooooo cute, my 2 yo son loved it so much (he viewed it a million times!!!) and my daughters too. They wanted me to translate every word.. so please for my 5 children (oups!) can you write it for me.. please, please, please, please, please (one for each).. thanks

burekaboy — said...

hi avital - LOL, glad they liked it. i thought it was very cute, too, which is why i posted it.

wow, 5 kids!! je ne le savais pas!

ok, je vais essayer a traduire ca pour vous et vos enfants mais je ne sais pas si je vais reussir a le traduire comme il faut en francais. je vais essayer mais je mettrai les mots en anglais aussi juste au cas ou.

jusqu'a maintenant, je n'ai pas eu la chance car blogger m'a "bloqué" pour les derniers 12 heures. desolé.

burekaboy — said...

hey avital, here it is:

chocolate on my fingers,
icing on my lips,
sugar diabetes and blubber on my hips,
i keep the night light burning in the kitchen baby,
so i can go downstairs and cruise,
i've got those ooey gooey
chocolate covered cream filled winter blues

obviously, the wording is more meant for adults so you'll have to change the words a bit :o there are a few words i couldn't make out in the second to last sentence but it doesn't really matter.

peut etre quelque chose comme:

j'ai du chocolat sur les doigts
de la glacage sur les levres
si j'en mange trop, c'est sur je deviendrai gros;

je laisse la lumiere ouverte dans la cuisine toute la nuit
ca me permet d'aller chercher quelques autres biscuits.....

lol, well....something like that. sorry for the bad translation but i'm sure you can figure out something.

hope that helps.